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Ron Paul & Words of Wisdom on the Bailout

On curing the debt crisis, with more debt:

 “When we make a mistake, it is the obligation of the people through their representatives, to correct the mistake, not to continue the mistake.”

– Rep. Ron Paul


“An error doesn’t become a mistake. until you refuse to correct it.”

– John F. Kennedy


“America you are too arrogant. If you don’t change your ways, I will rise up and break the backbone of your power. And I will place it in the hands of a nation that doesn’t even know my name. Be still and know that I am God.”

– Rev. Martin Luther King 

 Michael Cerulean


Main Street Fights Back And Says No To The Bailout!

I read this blog post and and had goose bumps, because it perfectly expresses the rage, the anger, and the mistrust that Main Street now has for Wall Street and our politicians in Washington. This is from internet gold trading guru “SliderOnTheBlack” who is sort of an online urban legend, and who has had some of the alltime great rants over the years.

Go Slider!


 Bailout: Main Street’s Message to Wall Street & Washington…

We don’t believe you.

Not a single word you say.


Do the words “read my lips – no new taxes” ring a bell?

We didn’t believe you when you said – “the credit crisis is well contained.”

We didn’t believe you when you said – “the worst is now behind us.”

We didn’t believe you when you told us the bill would be – “$150 billion.”

We didn’t believe you then and we don’t believe you now.

And how dare you!?!

How dare you trot out a bumbling, stumbling, stuttering, slickster like
the former CEO of Goldman Sachs who personally profited to the tune
of a $700 Million Dollar personal fortune by sending our jobs to China
so some fat cat Wall Street CEO could double the value of his stock options,
grab some lobbyist created tax credits, and drop .09 cents to his bottom line.

Not to mention that he, his former firm, and his ilk, were the ones who created
and profited from dumping all this toxic Wall Street paper on Main Street in
the first place!

Any coincidence that Paulson tried to “bum rush” us into a bailout, right
after Goldman Sachs started to collapse?

Bear Stearns – no problem.

Fannie & Freddie – no problem.

Lehman Brothers – no problem.

Merrill Lynch – no problem.

WAMU – no problem.

Goldman? – problem.

We all know there are no coincidences on Wall Street.

And now you want to keep your $40 million dollar apartment in Manhattan,
your $10 million dollar vacation home in the Hampton’s, and the windfall
profits you sucked out of America, just before you collapse it?

You want us to bail you out of bankruptcy, right before you send us
(and America) into it?

You want bankruptcy reform for you – after you locked us into serfdom
with the bankruptcy reform act of 2005 – right at the peak of the credit,
and housing bubble?

You want a bailout – AFTER you locked us, our children, and America
into debtors prison?

Relief, reform, and a bailout for you… and the bill & debtors prison for us?

You must really think we’re a bunch of chumps.

Well guess what Wall Street & Washington, while “this sucka may go down”
this time YOU’RE going down with us.


Main Street